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ayaka believe

The first and only LiveJournal community for ayaka!

絢香 ayaka
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The first fan community for Japanese singer, ayaka!
ayaka believe
Welcome to the ayaka LiveJournal Community!

Name 絢香
Birthdate December 18th, 1987
Birthplace Osaka
Bloodtype O
Favourite Artists The Beatles, Gavin DeGraw, Sheryl Crow, Toby Lightfoot, Carole King, Dreams Come True, Ken Hirai
Albums First Message (2006), Sing to the Sky (2008)

ayaka is a talented singer-song writer with a beautiful and powerful voice. She debuted in Febuary 2006 with her single "I believe". Her best-selling single to date would be "Mikazuki" which was released in September 2006. Her first album, "First Message" followed that single two months later, becoming one of the highest selling albums in 2006, with sales going strong into 2007. It has sold over 1 million units since its release. Her second album, "Sing to the Sky", was released in June 2008, featuring notable singles like "Okaeri" (theme song for J-drama Zettai Kareshi) and "Why" (theme song for video game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII). She has also collaborated with male duo, Kobukuro twice. ayaka and Kobukuro are under the same music label, Warner Music Japan.
By joining this community, it means you will follow the following rules:

Community Rules
01. Be nice to each other. No spamming; no trolling.
02. All posts should be related to ayaka in some way.
03. Any large pictures (such as magazine scans or screencaps from her PVs) need to be put under a LJ-cut. Nothing should be over 500px in width outside of the cut.
04. You can post download links to songs, PVs, etc. But please post them in a friends-only entry.
05. Community promotion is allowed, but please only promote J-Pop related communities.

Here are the people you need to contact if you have any questions or comments about the community:

Community Staff
Created by mirai_noah.
Maintained by mirai_noah and rikayla.
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